IMI Football Academy

The fastest growing grassroots football club and training academy

About Us

IMI Football Academy was established with the aim of creating awareness for every child that they are valuable in their various environments in such a way that can encourage them to make use of their talent effectively and efficiently.
IMI Football Academy is a fast-growing grassroots football club and training academy. We believe in equal opportunities and diversity and have identified football (play/sports) as a tool to unite families and foster community participation. We aim to create an environment where every child is assured that they matter and are given ample opportunities to explore their talent and grow.

Our Team

We comprise a development centre, an elite centre and an academy with six under-18 teams.

All of our team have managers and coaches that work closely with the players in other to build them in a professional way and to encourage them to perform better.
In case you or your child would like to join a club at IMI Football Academy please click the link below! We look forward to hearing from you!

Where to find us

You are welcome to come along and support our teams!


Barclays Academy

Walkern Road, Stevenage, SGI 3RB

Round Diamond

Whitehorse Ln, Stevenage SG16NH

Home Matches

Sports Academy

Broadhall Way, Shephall, Stevenage SG2


Woodcock Road, Shephall, Stevenage, SG29LX

Peartree Park

The Riding, Stevenage, SG2 9UA

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